We use IOT to create digital clones of physical resources and make them accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Integrations with existing IT systems towards sharing data and removing the virtual barriers to data transmission.


An Orchestration layer of reified physical resources and integrated IT systems ensures compliance and efficiencies.

CLEEN: Proactive Cleaning Validation Software.

CLEEN re-imagines Cleaning Validation. It is designed to enable Drug Manufacturers ensure validated Cleaning Procedures through its intelligent algorithms to assist decision making at every step and thereby reducing human dependency.

CLEEN is the only Cleaning Validation compliance software solution that automates the entire cleaning validation lifecycle: Design, Qualification & Monitoring - 100% Paperless.

A Risk Based Approach to Automated Cleaning Validation.

CLEEN comes with integrated tools for Risk Identification, Risk Analysis & Risk Evaluation. Risk analysis is categorised based on the product and equipment data such as Toxicity, Potency, Solubility & Cleanability.

All the risk evaluation settings are completely configurable.

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Suite of Features

Change Evaluation

All the changes are tracked, evaluated and documented.

Health Based Limits

Health based Residue Limits are evaluated within seconds.

Risk Based Worst Case

CLEEN automatically finds the Worst Case Molecules based on Risk Assessment.

Audit Log

All transactions are tracked, logged & reviewed into a secure, traceable audit trail.

21 CFR Part 11

CLEEN is 21 CFR Part 11 ready and meets Data Integrity guidelines.


CLEEN seamlessly integrates with your ERP, DMS and LIMS softwares

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