Micro Article of the month 5 Data Driven Strategies To Improve GMP Cleaning By 5x. Read Now >

Digitising Cleaning Procedures: A $50 Billon opportunity

Pharma Companies have a great opportunity to recover lost productivity, as much as $50 Billion every year

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A Brief History Of 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records And Electronic Signatures

FDA gave electronic signatures legal equivalence with traditional “wet ink” signatures on paper in 1997.

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How technology can help solve top 3 FDA compliance challenges

Non-compliance is the biggest threat to the growth story of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry today

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Top 5 trends in non-compliance in Pharma Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical companies operate in one of the most dynamic environments.

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Cleaning Validation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cleaning validation has been the most debated compliance topic of the year 2018

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